Taking Flight

Are you asking just why would I buy a book full of stories, columns and photos that have already been published on the pages of the Cheney Free Press newspaper?

The answer is pretty simple. Very few Eastern Eagle football fans ever got to read stories and other content like:

• The rumored placement of a Montana Griz coin under the red turf at Roos Field.

• The little know injury Brandon Kaufman played through in Eastern’s national title run.

• Who was it that paved the road for Eastern players to the NFL?

• Getting to know Larry Weir and Dave Spencer the decades-long voices of EWU sports.



• Find out about the other side of former NFL standout Michael Roos and the untold Cooper Kupp recruiting story.

• Just who — or what — is behind EWU mascot, Swoop?

• The full list of Eastern football letter winners in program history.

• Eastern once had its own mascot controversy — do you remember?

• These stories, along with many, many more, plus content from nearly 2-dozen interviews from those who made Eagle football what it is today.

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“What an amazing book! So excited to dive into it as flipping through it I was in awe!”

Kim Best, wife of EWU head coach Aaron Best

“I’m loving it. Thanks for putting together this wealth of information on EWU football.”

Jerry King

“It's a great book!  Now you need EWU to make it required reading!”

Pat Keegan

“You did a really nice job capturing the stories and history of the program. Very impressed with the detail and depth of the book.”

Will Post

"Interesting read. I appreciate being part of the story."

Dick Zornes

“My son-in-law played for Eastern and this is a wonderful present!"

Judy Stansbury


“Great job! Love it!”

Ed Fisher

“It is fantastic and a true testimony of your love of EWU football.”

Big Sky Comm. Tom Wistrcill